Fiber Management And Off-Grade Paper And Board Solutions

Building Features & Equipment

  • 225,000 square feet of rewinding, slitting and storage space
  • Facility has sprinkler system, is termite treated and insured
  • Ceiling height-24 foot eaves and a 30 foot ridgeline
  • Extended rail dock, with the capability of bringing 10 rail cars completely into the building for inclement weather protection
  • Nine truck docks recessed 20 feet into the building

Advanced Equipment

  • Jagenberg Winder/Slitter with motorized track, dolly and power system
  • Pacific Trail paper roll saw
  • Roll handling equipment up to 84" capacity
  • Guillotine for roll cutting
  • High speed shredder and baling system
  • Modern roll wrapping equipment
  • Customized inventory tracking system